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Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation Ltd. (RSBCL)
(A Government of Rajasthan Undertaking)
CIN: U15511RJ2005SGC020336


Important Downloads - General

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1. Excise and Temperance Policy Amendment 2019-20 ExciseNew_POLICY_CHANGE1920.pdf (PDF)
2. Office Order No. 1425 Dated 18.04.2019 regarding 5 % Reservation Order1425Dated18042019.PDF (PDF)
3. Office Order No. 790 Dated 08.04.2019 OrderNo 790.PDF (PDF)
4. Provisional Seniority List Excise Inspector Gr.-1 ExcsieInspectorGr-1.PDF (PDF)
5. Provisional Seniority List Excise Inspector Gr.-2 nirachik2.PDF (PDF)
6. Provisional Seniority List Vehicle Driver chalak.PDF (PDF)
7. Provisional Seniority List of Asstt. Admn. Officer AddAdministrativeOfficer.PDF (PDF)
8. Provisional Seniority List of Clerk Gr.-1 ProvisionalListClerkGr.PDF (PDF)
9. Provisional Seniority List of Rajasthan Excise Services Officer ExciseProvisionalSenrorityList.pdf (PDF)
10. Provisionel Senority List Asstt. Admn. Officer (OS) ProvisionalSenorityListAAO.PDF (PDF)
11. Regularization of E.I. Gr.-2 Order No. 779 Dated 03.04.2019 RegularisationofExciseInspectorGr-2-779.PDF (PDF)
12. Regularization of E.I. Gr.-2 Order No. 780 Dated 03.04.2019 RegularisationofExciseInspectorGr-2-780.PDF (PDF)
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Nodal Officer : Sh. CHHOGA RAM DEWASI
Contact Number : 0294-2412274, TOLL FREE: 1800-180-6436
Asst. Nodal Officer
RSBCL: Dr. Devraj (G.M.-Operation)
Contact No: 0141-2744232
RSGSM: Sh. Pawan Kumar Garg (Company Secretary)
Contact No: 0141-2740841
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