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Departments Activity and Functions
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Excise Department's activities are broadly divided at main three levels:
Head Office Level
Some of the major functions being performed at the Head Office are :
General Administration
- Marketing of Excise Goods ( Outside EPA)
- Licensing of Bonds, Bars, wholesale etc.

Manufacturing and supply of Excise Goods (outside EPA)
- Licensing of Manufacturing units
- Fixation of supply rates
- Permits of RS, ENA (except RSGSM) and excisable goods for other uses
Marketing of Excise Goods (within EPA)
 - Country Liquor including RSGSM affairs
 - IMFL and Beer
 - LPH/Bhang including procurement
EPF Matters
- Monitoring of prevention of Illegal trafficking ,manufacturing and sale of excisable   goods like Liquor, Bhang, LPH etc.
- Activites are: Monitoring, Regulating and Enforcement
Excise settlement
- To issue licenses for the sale of Country Liquor, Bhang and Lanced Poppy Heads
- To issue and renew licenses for sale and storage of IMFL, rectified spirit and   denatured spirit etc..
Monitoring of EPA and revenue accruals
Monitoring of recovery of arrears
Fixation of Levy/Revision of Excise duties/fees etc.
Survey of Excise matters and analysis, Interstate comparison and analysis
Legal matters (Judicial Cases)


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