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Departments Activity and Functions
Presently there are thirty four district excise offices in the State each being headed by District Excise Officer . The District Excise Offices are the prime field offices of the departmental activities as most of the information is being generated at these offices. The primary functions of the district excise office are :
To collect Excise Duty, Licence Fees and other fees leviable on excisable goods
To ensure the recovery of arrears of Excise Revenue
To take necessary steps for the prevention of illicit distillation of Liquor and unauthorized trade in excisable goods
To regulate the sale of excisable articles by arranging supply from the warehouse to the licensees and thereby keeping control and watch on their sale
To approve location of shops dealing in excisable goods
To issue permit for import, export and transport of excisable goods in and out of the district
To exercise supervision and control over the distilleries, warehouses and godowns
To inspect shops of country Liquor, IMFL, rectified spirit, denatured spirit, bhang, poppy heads, warehouses and pharmacies etc.
To keep a check on the illicit manufacture and sale of country Liquor, IMFL, bhang and other exciseable articles
To organise raids at suspected places with the help of excise preventive force
To ensure fulfillment ofEPA and licence fees
To ensure deposition of requisite security deposit, solvencies and sureties and verification of sureties and solvencies.
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