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Highlights of New Excise Policy - 2005-06

Exclusive Privilege System (EPA) continues in sale of Country Liquor but substituted by License Fee system in IMFL and Beer.

Revenue collection target to be Rs. 1525 Crores in place of 1275 Crores for the previous year. i.e. 2004-2005.
Existing 25 Country Liquor Groups continue. Number of IMFL shops increased to 4500 and country liquor shops to 7000.
Country liquor shops located in rural areas are composite shops, Permitted to sale IMFL and Beer also.
Policy for Restaurant Bars to sell mild beer, wine to continue.
New Policy provides for sale of ENA based quality Indian Made Foreign liquor only.
System of grants of Exclusive Privilege on contract basis for IMFL and Beer trade abolished. Creation of a State Public Sector Undertaking i.e. Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation Limited (RSBCL) w.e.f. 1.4.2005 to procure & sell IMFL / Beer to the wholesalers in the State.
Uniform sales policy of Country Liquor through Exclusive Privilege System (EPA) contractors in the entire state.
Excise Preventive Force is being strengthened and reorganized to prevent inter-state / inter-group smuggling and illicit manufacturing of liquor. It is now headed by an I.G. Rank Police Officer.
Promotion of Heritage Liquor continues.
To Emphasize quality and to prevent nefarious business practices security holograms are to be affixed on bottled India Made foreign liquor and Beer.
Bottling Plants have been kept out of country liquor manufacturing, Now country liquor is manufactured by distilleries only.
The Share of Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd. in Country Liquor business has been restricted to 25% only. The rest supply through private sector distilleries.
Hotels having 20 letable rooms in Jaipur and 15 letable room in other places to be granted hotel bar licenses.
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